Plugin Demo

Watch the video to see how the plugin works in action.

Automated Updates

The plugin will retrieve the coupons multipal times a day to make sure to be up-to-date

Amazon TOS Complient

The plugin is 100% within the rules of the Amazon affiliate agreement

PSD Included

I created the "view coupon" button and included the .psd file in case you want to change it

Newbie Friendly

The plugin needs no tech skills and if you have any questions there is a manual and you can contact me

Just A Few of Our Powerful Features


Automated Daily Updates

To make sure you always show the current coupons and not expired ones the plugin updates the coupons automatically several times a day.

This is done inside the plugin and requires no action from your side...totally hands free and once you have installed the plugin it will keep on doing it's job for you.

Works with , and

The special coupons are at this moment available in the US, the UK and in Germany. CouponAzon 3.0 enables you to use the coupons from these countries on your site

It's just a matter of entering your Amazon affiliate id, select the country you want to use and you are ready to go. You can btw use a mix of the countries on your site if you have visitors from around the world


20% off, $10 discount, Save $5...everybody loves a discount. Combine this with the power of Amazon and you have an irresistable click magnet


Newbee Friendly

I created CouponAzon as an easy to use Wordpress plugin which enables you to show the special coupons from Amazon

The plugin is able to find all coupons and you can show them by category or even filter down on keywords. You can show them on your post/pages but also there is an option to use them as a widget in your theme's sidebar if you like

CouponAzon makes sure that all coupons are up to date and refreshes itself multipal times a day making sure you always show the current coupons from Amazon

Coupons and some marketing facts

179M179 Million Users in the US who have used an online coupon before
34% Average jump in clicks to offer
1888 First coupon ever created was in 1888 by Coca-Cola
48% Boost in Revenu compared to other type of offer

Get Started Now

  • Lite


    • Unlimited Coupons
    • 1 Install
    • 3 Amazon Countries
    • Full Support
  • Basic


    • Unlimited Coupons
    • 5 Sites Install
    • 3 Amazon Countries
    • Full Support

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Is there a demo site?

Yes there is. For the demo I setup site at where you can see the plugin in action

Does Amazon Allow This?

Yes they do. You can link to any page on Amazon and I myself have specificly asked Amazon support if I am allowed to show the coupons and direct people to the coupons page and the answer was a clear yes.

Will there be a version for , etc?

That depends on Amazon. If they introduce coupons for those countries as well then yes I will add it right away. Right now it only is available for Amazon in America, UK and Germany

I bought the plugin but can't login?

The memberarea is at CouponAzon Members , your username is your Paypal email and you should have gotten an email at that address with the password. If not check your spam box and try the lost password function. If that does not work contact me thru skype (eboiten) or email

Where can I see the coupons on Amazon?

You can find the coupons at the following locations:
- :
- :
- :

Is there an upsell or an OTO?

Yes there is. The first is an offer for Developer license for those that would like to create a site and sell it and the second is a special offer for a bundle of other Amazon plugins I created before. Neither are required to make the CouponAzon plugin work fully. If you purchase CouponAzon there are no hidden..."ohhh you need this upgrade to unlock all features" as I do not like that practice of OTO's as well

Do you offer a refund?

Yes if you are not happy with the plugin within the first 45 days I guarantee a full refund. Just send me a message and I will take care of it

Still have questions, Use the Chatbox below to contact me!

CouponAzon 3.0 Unlimited Personal License